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A holistic and compassionate approach to weight loss
Having Trouble Losing Weight?
Here are six possible reasons why and how Dr. Rettner can help:



Is a hormone imbalance the cause of your weight problem?
Before, during and after menopause, estrogen, progesterone, thyroid and adrenal hormones are often out of balance, which can slow down your metabolism. Dr. Rettner has a unique understanding of how hormone imbalances can cause weight gain, fatigue, irritability, low-libido, and a host of other challenges. Dr. Rettner can order blood or urine tests to check for hormone imbalances which are often key factors in weight loss.


Do you often give in to your sweet cravings?
Dr. Rettner offers natural solutions to your food cravings and mood challenges based on information from Julia Ross’s “The Diet Cure” and “The Mood Cure.” After filling out a symptom questionnaire you will discover if your cravings and weight gain are due to depleted brain chemistry caused by too much dieting and inadequate protein, unstable blood sugar, low thyroid function, hormonal imbalances, food addictions and a deficiency of “good” fats. You will learn how to eliminate these imbalances with a personalized nutritional strategy. Using amino acids to jump-start the program, you’ll feel your mood improve and food cravings disappear — usually within twenty-four hours. We also provide nutritional solutions to overcoming depression, anxiety, apathy, oversensitivity and emotional eating. We can also help you eliminate insomnia and hormone related moodiness.



Are emotional issues stopping you from losing weight?
Underlying most weight problems are emotional and body image issues. Unless these are addressed, it is difficult to lose weight and keep it off. With a gentle and compassionate presence, Dr. Rettner helps you to identify and release emotional imbalances in the body. By using homeopathic flower essences, acupressure and the Chakra Armor Release of Emotions (CARE), Dr. Rettner can assist you in healing your emotional issues so you’ll not only look more attractive, you will feel more attractive.



Trouble losing weight because of food allergies?
Dr. Rettner tests for food allergies, as they are one of the main causes of weight gain. By incorporating this knowledge as well as a focus on proper food combining, he will create an individualized dietary plan that is right for you.



Can’t lose weight because your body is too acidic?
pH Testing and Weight — The latest information on stubborn weight loss problems is that your body holds onto fat to protect itself from an acidic condition. Excess junk food in your diet, lack of sleep, high stress levels and an out-of-balance mineral ratio can influence the pH levels to become too acidic. In order to maintain the ideal pH for your blood, your body will leach the calcium (that is alkaline) right out of your bones and magnesium from your muscles. This can lead to brittle bones and tight, sore, achy muscles. One reason for consistent results in our program is that we will give you pH paper to monitor the pH of your urine to make sure that it’s not too acidic. If it is, we will give you supplements that balance your pH. Since fat is a buffer produced by your body to neutralize acid, we will also give you a healthy alkalizing diet. This makes it possible for the fat to easily come off, even if it was difficult prior to treatment.



Do you need help kick-starting your metabolism?
Speed up your weight loss by helping your liver to remove toxins and produce fat-burning hormones. All six fat-burning hormones do their work through the liver, and if your metabolism is sluggish, your liver may be damaged which makes it more difficult to produce all six of these hormones. In addition, the chemicals in our foods, growth hormones in meats and dairy, alcohol, caffeine, refined sugars, refined carbohydrates, past infections, cigarettes, and pollutants in our water supply also contribute to a toxic liver. The Liver Enhancement Program gives the liver a rest from these chemical insults and gives it the nutritional support and the detoxification it needs to return to normal function. A healthy liver can greatly enhance weight loss. To see the Liver Enhancement video, click here.